Biotope is a concept born in Germany, which means living creatures.

Briefly speaking this concept, the biotope is to reproduce the natural environment in which various organisms gather.

However, the biotope of Japan, especially the biotope that we do in person, is not a biotope.



Schools Biotope is sometimes maintained at schools other than individuals from the perspective of environmental education.

Even companies may have set up biotope in the premises and have become extraterrestrial habitats such as medaka and loach.

Where there is such a large land, we use the land to make a biotope.


However, it is difficult to make a biotope in the small garden because the garden is very narrow for those who own individuals in Japan.

In Japan, place a container called a water lily pot or a Toro ship, sink an aquatic plants planted in a pot in a bowl, clam shells such as medaka and loach, shrimp such as minami shrimp and yamato shrimp, shellfish such as tanini and kawanina There are a lot of individuals who put it as a biotope.

Such a form is no different from an aquarium. Some people call biotope in a masochistic manner.



Also, even in biotopes, there are overwhelming biotopes that reproduce swamps, wetlands and rivers over insects and small animals' forests and grasslands, rocky areas and sandy areas, and speaking of biotopes, the environment where aquatic plants and aquatic life can live I think that I point mostly, and many people misunderstand that it is a biotope, equal, or waterside.

If you live in a single house in Japan, you can do a biotope in the garden, but if you live in an apartment you will be doing a biotope at the veranda.


In the biotope, plasterers called sleeping pots or Toro boats unique to Japan use diapers that knead concrete and cement and use it as a breeding container.

Plant the aquatic plants such as lotus and water lily in the flowerpot and put them in the breeding container.

The soil is soil dedicated to Akadama soil, soil, aquatic plants.



Install flowerpots, driftwood, rocks and so on and add water.

Japan's tap water can not be used as it is.

It is because it contains a lot of chlorine harmful to aquatic life.

To remove chlorine, add a chlorine pouring agent or draw water in a bucket and use the one that has been applied to sunlight for at least half a day as breeding water.



After that, put the living things such as medaka, minamino shrimp, tannish and loach.

Do not put it in immediately when putting a living body.

Perform water alignment.

The water adjustment is done to prevent the living body from being shocked by the difference between the water quality and the water quality of the newly added aquarium.



Put the water in plastic bags for about 1 hour and get used to it, please put it in the breeding container.

In the early days there is no filtration bacteria in the water, so the quality of the water will be worse by feeds for feces and a leftovers of aquatic life.

Creatures always emit excrement as they live, but from them they cause "ammonia", which is harmful to living things. It is the filtering bacteria that plays the role of changing the toxic ammonia to "nitrous acid" and further nitrite to "less nitrate" toxic substances.

As the filtration bacteria increase, the water quality gradually stabilizes, so please keep sparingly on your bait.



After that, add water when you get less water and trim the aquatic plants if they grow to the extent that aquatic life does not become resident.

Also, in the summer of Japan, the sunshine is strong, the water temperature goes too high, aquatic life may be dead, so please shade the shadow that blocks the sunshine.

In the fall, there are species that will die of aquatic plants on the ground, so I will cut out the withered parts cleanly. It is because if it keeps it, the withered part rots with water and deteriorates the water quality.






I do not do anything in the cold winter.

Please do not give food.

I have a visceral disorder and die.

I just wait for a warm spring to come.



And in the spring, we clean the breeding container once a year.

We cut the roots of aquatic plants and make them big enough to be planted.

We will check the survival of aquatic life.

Replacing all breeding waters will cause a shock, so leave it for a while and replace it.

Since the soil is also becoming sludge, I will replace it with a new soil.

Thus again the cycle of a new year begins.


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